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In a well known international online fraud , the indian intelligence and security agencies, allegedly freelancing for google, tata after getting SEX, money, job BRIBES , are spreading false rumors about the ownership of domain names, websites, Please note that no indian government employee is associated with the website in any way especially indore crook veena, goan frauds riddhi siddhi sunaina, brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree, karnal haryana fraud ruchika king
The comments on proofreading, editing and copywriting are influenced by the following self published books
Book: Open-eyed Meditations, Practical Wisdom for Everyday Life Author : Shubha Vilas

The Trip Author: Rohit Bandri

State vs Amrit Kumar Author : Dr.Govind Sharma IAS(Retd)

World Hypnotized – Making of the Fuhrer Author: Akash Lakhotia

The Break Up Clinic Author : Dr.Govind Sharma IAS(Retd)

Domina Author : L.S.Hilton

Amazing legends of India Author: Swapna Rajput

Sheik’s Rescue Author : Ryshia Kennie

Balraj Author : Manoj V Jain

Book : Second Chance Author : Dr Sandeep Jatwa

Kansa , Introducing Professor Black (Book one of the killer trilogy) Author : Prassant Kevin

Book: The Search of the Myth Author: Prithviraj Desai

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For more than 4 years, the google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees have not done any work or are interested in doing any work online, yet get credit and monthly government salary, because the tata officials are blackmailing the domain investor for doing any work on the computer. Most tata, google or other employees are working 9-12 hours daily, however if a domain investor does work on a computer these hypocrite officials are questioning the health of the domain investor using voice to skull technology, spreading false rumors, a clear case of discrimination, hypocrisy. It is very cruel of google, tata, ntro officials, to falsely claim that their sex partner is working online, when she is actually relaxing and mercilessly torture, the domain investor who is actually working online, then defame her spreading false rumors that she is not doing any work at all .

Kindly note that google,tata sponsored slim goan obc bhandari SEX EXPERT R&AW EMPLOYEE sunaina chodnekar who had SEX with top indian government and other officials and her associates are not contributing to the website in any way, though fraud top ntro, google, tata officials are shamelessly promoting the GOAN SEX WORKER RAW EMPLOYEE sunaina to defame, cheat, torture and exploit the real domain investor, deny her the opportunities she deserved.

NTRO officials allegedly FREELANCING FOR GOOGLE, TATA are helping these companies destroy competition, acquire talent and technology using microwave weapons, memory reading, voice to skull technology,stealing correspondence costing $18000 monthly in tax payer money, and then ridicule their torture victim

The engineer is confident that less than 100 harmless indian citizens are tortured wasting so much indian tax payer money for more than 6 years and openly challenges the ntro officials, especially in goa , to defend their microwave radiation torture of a harmless indian citizen for corporate goals, in an open debate

For more details or if any clarifications are needed send an email to
. Though extremely powerful google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi officials are making fake claims, kindly note that no indian intelligence or government employee is associated with the website in any, as they are least interested in investing any money online or doing any work. Due to the complete lack of corporate ethics of google,tata officials continue with their online fraud of making fake claims about website ownership, as google allegedly bribes these officials directly or indirectly getting government jobs for their mediocre lazy relatives, friends with fake resume

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